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Lieke van der Made
Visual Artist / Artistic Researcher / Editorial Writer
Lives and works in Amsterdam & Tel Aviv



Lieke van der Made graduated in 2015 at the Fine Art department at the HKU School of the Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands, after doing an exchange semester at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. In her work you find a fascination for the small – embroidered threads, a fly on her toe, or a dead pixel – while she asks questions about bigger things. From an urge to find answers to all 'why?', Lieke continued her education with the master Artistic Research at the UvA University of Amsterdam. Here, the work – mainly video, digital and embroidered collages, new media and multimedia installation – was supplemented with written research.


Through her work, Lieke often questions social and complex systems and phenomena. For the past years the work has been focussed on artifacts from the Middle East, and what recent and colonial looting and destruction means to the world. Her works grow from a fascination in what is going on in the world. It comes from the many questions she has about the world we live in, but in the search for answers, mostly more questions arise.

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