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Nebula, 2022

The exhibition 'Nebula' - at The Lab art space in Tel Aviv - is a multimedia exhibition combining the themes of ancient cultural heritage with contemporary culture. 

Displayed on shipping crates are ceramic bowls inspired by historical incantation bowls. Whereas the text in the original bowls is engraved in Aramaic (aramit) and is asking for protection for a specific person, property, or cure, my bowls (in English) ask for protection of heritage – protection from looting and destruction. The spiraling text written in the bowls is implemented in a video that is part of the installation as a whole: a hand is drawing circles, and the spinning movement of drone footage of a cave, draws the viewer into a TV screen placed on the floor. 

As part of the installation, I invite the visitors to draw on a wall that mimics an ancient cave covered in graffiti, for every visitor to leave their traces in this show.

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